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Digital Media Studies
University of Mississippi

Possibilities for Students

The DMS minor fits with existing majors and minors by addressing the emerging demand for students with cross-disciplinary, digital skills. The minor will introduce students to the tools for careers in emerging fields that include web development, business data analytics, computational art, digital graphic design, data visualization, internet and social media marketing, and mobile application development. The program may be particularly appealing to humanities and liberal arts majors who want to develop adaptable digital skills for highly fluid and technology-dependent industries. The fictional examples below illustrate three possible paths through the DMS minor:

Screenshot 2016-08-04 17.04.43Taylor R. is a Public Policy Leadership major who planned to work in the public sector after graduation. As a DMS minor with the Digital Communications emphasis, he has taken courses in web design, digital writing, and integrated marketing communications. Because of his proficiency in digital media, he was granted a year-long fellowship with Global Health Corps in Malawi, where he produces oral histories and manages the online newsletter for the project's website.
Screenshot 2016-08-04 17.04.50Amber S. is an English major with a strong interest in fiction writing and web publishing. As a DMS minor with a general emphasis, she took courses in Computing and Digital Communications tracks. There she learned about writing and designing for multimedia platforms, in addition to learning how to program using Python. Graduating with both tech and writing skills, Amber was hired by Electronic Arts to write scripts for video games.
Screenshot 2016-08-04 17.04.58Jeff M. is a Computer Science major who dreams of creating the next big tech startup. He has solid programming skills, a knack for statistics, and a fascination with "big data" to attract funding from a venture capitalist. Jeff also recognizes that aesthetics and user experience are critical to a digital media product's success. He pursued a DMS minor with an emphasis in Digital Arts, learning not just about the principles behind great design, but also the skills for applying them.